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Great Locations for UCI Graduation Photos

UCI offers great various location for graduation pictures despite being quite small in size.
Places like Aldrich Park, MSTB Flower Arch, Business School and the popular Infinity Fountain are just a few great spots to name.

Here are just a few small tips that I believe will help you capture some great graduation pictures with friends or family members.

Camera Gear lens: 85mm and 35 prime lense. These two lenses give you a wide variety of choices for your pictures. The 35 mm is great at some narrow spots like the stairs on business school. The 85 mm lens has a great bokeh and blur the background to add a lot more depth to your picture. This lens is great in front of the MSTB and the infinity fountain.

Time: 4-6 pm for golden hour effect.

Locations: below are some of my favorite spots
1. Paul Merage Business School
2. Infinity Fountain
3. MSTB Flower Arch
4. Around Aldrich Park

Some additional locations:
1. Hiking Trail across MSTB
2. Green Flower Arch near Engineering Hall
3. Little Corona Del Mar Beach (Off Campus 15 min drive)

UCI Paul Merage School Of Business

UCI Infinity Fountain

MSTB Flower Arch

Around UCI Aldrich Park

Little Corona Del Mar Beach (Off-campus)

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