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Waterfall Landscape Photography in United States

Some of the breath-taking waterfall view in America that you would not want to miss a chance to see them in person

Waterfall has been one of the best landscape for everyone. It brings peace and calm to the people who truly wants to enjoy and be a part of what nature offers.
I was very fortunate to be able to come across a few amazing waterfall during my work trip. If you happen to visit these cities for vacation, don't forget to check out these waterfalls

North West Waterfall - California, Oregon, Washington
1. Burney Fall, CA
2. Fall Creek Fall, WA
3. Multnomah Fall, OR
4. Stutervant Fall, CA

East Coast Waterfall - New York, Ohio, North Carolina, Atlanta
1. Tinker Creek Fall, OH
2. Catawba Fall, NC
3. Taughannock Falls, NY
4. Watkins Glen State Park, NY
5. Vickery Creek, GA

MidWest/ Central
1. Minnehaha Fall, MN
2. Hanging Lake, CO
3. Fall in Wisconsin

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